Friday, January 24, 2014

Beach body right and tight!!!

I know it's still winter guys but I have been accused of looking too far ahead numerous times.

 Is that body getting "beach body right" and "beach body tight"...hmmm. Didn't that sound kind of wrong when you said it?

Let's start over. Is your body where you want it to be? Have you been battling with that last few pounds in the pooch area that just wouldn't go away? I know I am. You craze and craze to lose that last few pounds and succeed in losing motivation when that tuck wouldn't go away.

Wellllllll! Please don't beat me when I say, LADIES and GENTS, we have to work HARDER. Let's say our body is the Titanic, our pooch is Jack and Rose is our exercise plan. Who remembers what happened in that tear jerker movie I am sure you cried in. What happened to Jack when that 0_0..I dont' want to really say hussy....let's say when that girlll Rose decided to quit on that sweet poor man Jack. Hogging up the door(Other debris were going by. I would have made sure my "man" had a door too and we would have sailed into the sunset like them animals on the Madagascar movie.Anyways). Jack died, that is how your pooch is going to do when you railroad your exercise plan. Next thing you know your body is going to turn like the Titanic and sink too.

Do we want to be Titanic's on the beach? I don't know about you but I am shouting "Ride the door Jack!"

Here is a video I have started using as of January 10th, that is not time consuming and only runs 12 minutes. Search Youtube and you will find many videos like this.

                                         12 Minute Standing Up Abs by Laura London Fitness

I took of a week, so I guess that would add to about 9 days for me.

Don't worry guys. I am not advertising. I scrolled through Youtube like the rest of you guys do most days and came upon her video for it's short time length and got on it.

I am not saying that I might not fall off but I am sharing with you guys a goal for the summer. Comment and tell me what is working for you.

Also, I did take the apple cider vinegar and water for a week but I lost half of my back wisdom teeth. lol. (Not saying the drink did it) but I can't afford replacing teeth on no salary.

If you do decide to read about it. Just google in "Apple cider vinegar drink health benefits" and be sure to look at EFFECTS also guys. Safer than sorry. Also, I strongly advise those that are on medication to not take this at all. I would definitely jump through this screen and pinch you!!!

Keep MOTIVATED and don't worry if you fall off. Trying is always a good thing no matter what.

Wish I was standing between the three guys on the right. No shade to the guy on the left though.

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