Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This one is for the ladiessss....Are you self conscious while heading to the tampon isle?

Which lady out there feels at least a touch of "I hate this isle" when their at the store? I find that I feel that way about 99% of the time. Some of you even resort to sending your parents or (God Forbid) you send your bf/hubby. I don't think I would fall into that hole unless I forgot and he was my last resort. haha. But sometimes when you are single and scoping out for that next catch you want to be seem as "The Bomb Dot Com". You don't want to be seen with those things but it is definitely something you need. Today when I was riding the bus back from the store I thought about this and then my mind veered on to, "What did our parents had to put up with in those cloth days?" For some, that scenario was a reality where women had to use what ever cloth was handy and hope for the best. Sometimes having to clean and reuse them over and over. Some times we have to stop, think and Thank God for the advancements of the world today because I cannot imagine changing my now for the days back then.

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