Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is she your type? Personality wise?

****Before you read this. Remember that this is just me saying what I think. You may agree or you may not. Just don't catch any feelings while I am saying this****

Types of women?

Not all girls come with the the label. 'I'M THE SHIT'. A girl with low self-esteem needs constantly. She's the type that would let you treat her anyway. She needs reassurance that she's important in your life. You have to tell her that constantly. She falls off easily. Maybe because she's just that way or maybe because of her experiences in the pass that made her that way. Don't get me wrong. Some guys really like that. Having to play the hero all the time knowing that she would be down for you in whatever she does. She needs that 11pm call at night just to say 'baby i love you'. Yep. She loves you. Then there are guys that don't really go for that. He needs a woman that doesn't need that constant. 'I love you'. He expects you to already know that. He isn't the type to be texting you every minute on the hour just to see how your doing. He expects you to be his rider. Some girls let the opinions of others influence their thoughts. They play mind games with themselves all day wondering if your going to be together forever.

Some girls have such a big ego that a ten foot ladder couldn't touch her even if it tried. She's a boss. She walks like one, talks like one, wants to be treated as one, she acts like one, and in her mind she is one. She gets stuff done plain and simple. She's isn't the type to wait for you to tell her when to move and how to move. This can hinder her or help her. Either way. Egos are tricky things. Your ego can be so big that people around you are non-factors. She probably has all the boss songs on her song playlist..haha..Just kidding..maybe. When she dresses she expects heads to turn with the outfit alone. When she enters a room she expects to get the best. Who can really blame her? Women are meant to be treat like royalty. I know some guys are like 'Whattttt. Not all of them'. But, as the saying goes treat others like how you would want to be treated. No matter how it eats you up inside.

This girl has her own. She has her ducks in a row. Her future is probably already laid out in front of her and your just and addition to it. Are you willing to help build her or tear her down? Some guys are really threatened by there girls success. Especially if his friends are bragging on him about his girls paying for some of the things she got for him. But, think about this. What if your girl wants to do those things? What if she likes outfitting her guy making sure if she can afford it she can have him looking top line. Her girls will be bragging about how good her man looks. Isn't that a obvious factor that might play in. Being independent and at a certain status isn't always a bad thing.

Ratched- " I use this term really really sparingly'
First of let me say ' I am not calling you ratched'. Just saying that some people personality are. (I am confusing myself). Anyways, a ratchet girl (guys too) just don't have behavior. She LIVES for drama. She can't stand a minute without it. Constantly moaning over everything morning, noon and every God giving day. She doesn't feel peaceful with knowing that she has her man. She has to chain him. Oh yeah, some guys definitely live for that drama. I have seen it in closely many instances. But, guess what. They are the relationships that normally last. Why? Because that's normalcy for them. They fight, curse at each other and by the end of the day everything's good.

Points will be added to this but I derived main points from family and friends.

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