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Turks and Caicos Islands up and Coming Stars...

In the world today, it's 'Go big or go home'.

The Turks and Caicos Islands has a lot of talent that just need a main outlet. Gone are the days when opportunities were hard to come by and all you could do was hope that you could one day make a big break away.

You have that opportunity today. All it takes is the right amount of ambition, motivation and hardwork. Don't lay around expecting success to come to you. If it was that easy we all would be living in mansions and driving a ferrari like Adam Sandler in the movie Mr.Deeds. 

Music artists, actors, designers, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. We're a mini gold mine!!! 

Fashion Designer:

Kazz Forbes and the Saint George Fashion House (SGFH) has made its mark on the fashion wold by establishing itself in 2010 in the Turks and Caicos and continues to push the boundaries of what a Turks Islander can accomplish. He is a designer an a photographer who plays a major part in helping the community when needed.

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 Basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey, golf, boxing, etc has been really blooming lately in the TCI.  The Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union has introduced rugby to the youth of South Caicos, with 16 Providenciales-based rugby players being sent to South Caicos recently to introduce the sport and to hopefully, future players.There is no excuse why the youths and adults alike in the TCI cannot find a sport or extra curricular activity of their choice to participate in.

 Delano Williams of the Turks and Caicos Islands has accomplished a large feat coming from the island of the Grand Turk to compete internationally in Track and Field with other athletes around the world. He is a determined young man. But we cannot

Turks and Caicos Islands Amateur Athletic Association (TCIAAA) records in athletics holds Delano Williams in the 100m at 10.34 (+1.8 m/s) and 200m 20.53.

Music Artists:

There are alot of music artist in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Too many to mention them all but we do have a good variety. Gospel, rap, rnb, etc. Some are local and international performers and some are upcoming.


Qband lynkz is a diverse band was formed in 2010 by a group of young talent individuals that hails for the settlement of Kew North Caicos. The name Qband lynkz was derived by the common fact that the group members originated from Kew, North Caicos and we all came together to form a band that plays a diversity of music, hence the name. With in the band we have a wide range of experience being that few of the band members have been in great bands before. The main aim of the Qband lynkz band is to simply play a range of music that addresses to all ages. Follow on facebook......

RAW B and Team BloodMoney
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Facebook:  the offical page of RAW B




"This is a movement that is currently up and rising. Our main focus is to express our thoughts and feeling by the mean of music. We also seek to show the positive side of rap and hip hop which well in some way help reduce the massive violence in T.I..."

 R.I.P Zoe Boi

Chilla Jr and CORNA HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT @Chilla_Jr @PhameDolla

 "There really is no way to describe exactly what CornaTV is. It was created when SilverBlue Promo and Corna House Entertainment realized that there is not enough content online focusing on the Caribbean with mainstream appeal. The entertainment industry in the Caribbean has evolved and it’s time that THE MAINSTREAM TAKE NOTICE….
CornaTV is going to take you behind the scenes of some of the hottest events in the Turks and Caicos islands and the surrounding region as well as behind the scenes at PARTIES, MUSIC VIDEOS, STUDIO SESSIONS, and MUCH MORE with Corna House Entertainment and other recording artists through the region and aboard.
With of team of industry professional with years of experience under their belt, CornaTV is ready to reshape the term ENTERTAINMENT in the Caribbean. The motto for CornaTV is “No Brakes” because we don’t have any plans on slowing down. Believe us when we say, this is only the BEGINNING...…"

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Mike Dizzo Website:

 "Mike Dizzo; Music Artist and President of Souse House Entertainment has been holding it down in the Turks and Caicos Islands this Summer.

August 5th 2011, Mike Dizzo's performance at SwagFest which highlighted international recording artist Ice 'Billionnaire' Berg and Ballgrezy - came right after his full-energy hyped July 9th 2011, performance at Digicel TCI's 5th Anniversary Fun Day and Fashion Show.

Doing what he does best; along with his music brother Orane of Blakout Entertainment, they both rocked the Digicel TCI show in black Tee's of Saint George Fashion House (SGFH)......."

Swagg and 7FiguresEnt. 

"Upcoming Rapper. Sign With SevenFiguresEnt (Underground Label)" 

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CEO "Jr" Gaston Henriquez, Management Team- "Solo" Solomon Belizaire // "Da Doc" Quincy Parker 

"7Figures Entertainment started in 2006-2007. Rappers Swagg, Polo, Keam, Kylon, Gdb, and Pusha."

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Whaboy Da Rapper 
Twitter: @Whaboy649

"Keury M Smith was born September 5, 1990 better known by his stage name Whaboy, started his early years in Herrera City Santo Domingo, later on he moved to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands where he was raised by his loving mother. At the age of 8 he started noticing that music was everywhere around him, by the time he reached grade 6 his rapping career begun when he first performed at his graduation his motivation sparked by the crowds reaction. Ever since he decided to put together a studio in his room at that time all he had was a lap top, a mic and some speakers and with his passion for rapping he continues to grow up to today. This dream holds a mission for Whaboy he is currently the President of Public Figure Presentation which has been projected to be a music empire of the Turks & Caicos Islands. He has cultivated audiences of all ages with his soul-inspired and energy-hyped performances......"

 Kylon and 7FiguresEnt

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"Rapper, Song Writer, Music Video Director & Editor, Promoter of Good Music...Just Wanna Be Successful, Mr. Name It, I Go Do It aka DARE-DEVIL"


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