Saturday, October 3, 2015

A letter to Love #1

Dear Love,

I hope this letter finds you doing find because lately you've been on my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find you again but sometimes I can't seem to care anymore. The first time I saw you I was 16. That might have been your twin lust, but still it could have been you. Either way I'm not sure anymore. This is the beginning of the letter and I already sound like I'm accusing you. I'm sorry.

You sure did a dirty, dirty thing. I was fine without you, just moseying along. You came and took three years of my time. I never knew I could do so much stupid and wonderful things until I met you. You thought me loyalty, pain, joy, sadness, hate and so many other things, but most importantly you thought me courage. I almost could kiss you and slap you at the same time.

After those three years, I had to learn how to live without you. I even wondered what I did wrong to cause you to leave. But I understand now that I couldn't make you stay where you weren't meant to be. I was forcing you. Trying to change you. Did that hurt you? You could have told me. At least that is what I believe. Maybe that wasn't even the problem and I am just here, overthinking things. But I take this time apart as a growth process. A process to see if I can make it alone. The Funny thing is, it was way easier when I was 16, but I think I can do it now. Took me 5 long years, but yeah, I can make it now. When you join one thing with another it becomes one. There is then not one without the other and when you decided to leave I felt cut in half. Can you imagine me, before you? Probably like a fondling ay?

I've had some come cloaked as you, telling me to take another chance on you, that you've changed, but they don't understand. When I saw you back then, when we were together I understood how you thought, how you grew and what I am seeing now is not you. So no, I'm not going to settle for impostors. I want you to meet me at my door. Probably with an identity card. You know where I live.

I'm picky, I'm picky, I'm picky and that's because I don't want to make a mistake in thinking I've found you again, so don't leave that card at home.

I wish you had a picture so I can identify you when I see you again. It has been so long. You've probably transformed into Love 2.0. That would sure be some Sci-fi type crap.  Is your hair long, black and silky or is it cropped close to your head? Do you wear a man bun? How tall are you now anyone? I don't even know those simple things. Are you dark, light or (gasp) white? That would be such a shock to me but hey I'm trying not to be too picky anymore. 

Until next time.

Your past and future lover,


Friday, October 2, 2015

'Why You Gotta Stress' winter soup by Dede

For those that know me, you know that I love to experiment in the kitchen. For those that don't, then you will soon learn.

I call this one my 'Why You Gotta Stress' winter stew. Why? Because, it was cold as all get out, in Canada.

How it all started? (You may be asking me) At first this was a beef stew that I put with rice. I then added water the next day and made it into soup. Next thing I knew, it was a week later and I tried it again. This time I started it as a soup, but with what I had on hand, which was Swedish MEATBALLS!

Best of all, this is a ONE POT MEAL!!

There are two versions of this stew/soup, but this is the meatball version. To make the stew beef version just add stewed beef that has been browned before adding to the pot.


2 canned stewed tomatoes 795ml (For those that know how to make it. Power to you!!. I tried and it tasted like plain,watered tomatoes)
1/2 box Gemilli pasta or any type of short pasta 500g (wheat pasta works fine also)
1/2 jar of Classico Roasted Portobello Mushroom 650ml
Salt and pepper to taste (A lot of people are taking salt out of their diets, so add seasoning a little at a time and taste, taste, taste) Please don't over season. I also add a little garlic.
10 palm sized Meatballs (you can cheat with store bought Italian meatballs)
1 carrot (chopped, diced, whichever)
1/4 head of Cabbage (chopped)
1 cup of Spinach
3 cans of Dark Red Kidney Beans 15.5 oz (I love it in this soup but you can just add one or two cans. Drained)
2 cup of water

All ingredients can be added at the same time in the beginning, excluding pasta and spinach. Pasta and spinach should be added the last 10-15 minutes of cooking time.
Bring pot to a boil and then let simmer on low for 45mins-1hour.
When using stewed beef I let simmer for 1hour 30mins-1hour 45mins


Recipe by Dede

Monday, September 21, 2015

Clap Back season is over!

Not everything someone says deserve a response. Yes, I know. You've heard this a million times. Let me be a million and one then. 

It is so disturbing how we find the time and the medium to answer people back, constantly, and so publicly. Facebook and Instagram are not your friend.

Yeah, I know sometimes people can rub you the WRONG way, but understand this. People are watching, reading, learning, sharing, laughing, commenting, re-posting moments of your life even without your knowledge. 

Ladies, we have to keep on our toes. We as children and adults must walk, think and act as if we have invisible eyes on our back 24/7. You may say you don't care, or it is your life, but these things affect where you are able to go, who you are able to work for, and how you are basically able to survive in today's society. I am not saying that you must conform to who you are not, we all are one of a kind, unique in our own way, but remember that mystery holds power also.

One time in my life, I let a person get to me. I didn't even know this person, but they were emailing me, they Facebook me and basically said all types of things about me that I know was not true. I got so upset that I posted one short message on Facebook, because I felt like I had no one to talk to about it and I regretted it immediately. A grown up that I hold dear to my heart told me to calm down and when I did I realized that the internet world does not need to know my reality.

So be the case, if you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to I find that writing things down and re- reading it after you have calmed down gives a clarity to what you have written. If you feel that it could fall into the wrong hands just shred it or light it (safely).

We are not all saints and I am not saying to bite your tongue, all I am saying is you must think before you answer back and how you are going to do that. Social media does not have to be a war zone. 

Have a good day beautiful people. xoxo

Friday, September 11, 2015

New 2015 hit by Young Heat and NayNay- She's a Boss with it

Rise and shine young Turks and Caicos. Today I have two new artist to the blog by the name of Young Heat and NayNay, who have released their 2015 new hit song 'She's A Boss With It'.

Recently, I asked Young Heat how this particular song came around and he said, "It all came along by me sending her the beat, then I told her just bring me a verse and I'll help her from there. She came to the studio with a verse talking about how she works hard to do what she does, like on her job, meaning her life story, hotel works, but she is not an artist like me, as yet. I already knew what to do to put it together. When I heard her verse she sounded like a boss, because she works for hers. All I did was switch it up and make it more real with man and woman lifestyle in art." Young Heat has been a long time artist to the music scene and has recorded many songs and videos.

Later I messaged NayNay to get her input on what music was to her and her thoughts when writing her verse. NayNay agreed with what Young Heat said but also added more, saying that she was really busy to even write the lyrics in the beginning. Dealing with work and her little girls(beautiful) that when she received some vacation time she had a chance to write.

To NayNay rapping is something that is just the creativity in her but says that her true passion and dreams is to attend performing arts school for singing, acting and dancing. She goes on to say that she is working hard and trying to accumulate funds to go back to school. 

It just goes to show that even if you are working a 9-5 or your dreams takes 5-9 years don't forget that you are working for your dream and never put that dream aside.

Young Heat & NayNay-  She's A Boss With It

Contact: For more info

CALL: #1649-345-0745                                   INSTAGRAM: @nayflame
EMAIL:                 FACEBOOK: Still Gucci Ugh
FACEBOOK: Lex Dani Gilbert                           TWITTER: @808naynay

StillGucciUgh(NayNay) ft. Young Heat - The Come Up

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Raw B: New video for his mixtape song "Coco"

Last week I had a chance to chat with local artist Raw B about his new music video "Coco". The song, written by Raw b and shot by The Come Up creators Molly Cadet of Natural View Productions and by Digital Handprint was released September 8th and has been gaining a steady amount of views from fans of not just only music but fans of Raw B as a artist in his own right.

When asked why he decided to right this song Raw B said, "the song coco was big on its own and plenty of my fans asked me to do my version of it, so I just put something together. Plus I could relate to the song, I can relate to the hustling and making something out of nothing."

The video was shot at local spots Club 2005, Danny Buoy's, DJ Hoodie's party and Fish Fry (a event that is hosted every Thursday for locals and tourist alike).

This is not the first video that Raw B has shot and he seems determined to present his name to the international community that has a taste for multiple genres.

Since February, when we last did a post on Raw B, he has been taking major steps to travel outside of the Turks and Caicos Islands and record in Atlanta.

Raw B - Coco

[Mixtape] Raw B - Hundreds In The Trap :: #GetItLIVE!
@IndyTapes @RealRaw_B @DJRell


IslandGurlz3900 thanks Raw B for his continue support of this blog.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our islands can be beautiful

Let me start by telling you guys a little story, then I will get to what I am saying.

So, one day I was sitting down on a bench at the airport. A couple passed by (tourist heading back). They smiled at me and said "hello" and I said "hey" back. I wasn't really feeling that "hey" I had said because of how my week was going. I was tired, exhausted and basically over the two week job I was on (Which I was thankful to have). The guy passed back and he was smiling big. I was wondering to myself if he felt that happy or was it because it was the type of person he is. When he passed back the second time he cracked a joke about wearing out the pavement and I just looked at him and laughed, and said "Your probably are". 

Not the end of the story but....

You know what he did for me that day? He cheered me up until I was invigorated to go in and work harder at my job, which was handing out surveys. Some days we go to a job that is constant interaction with people and we feel like "I can't take putting on a smile today,with some people being so rude" 

I went back to handing out surveys and when I got to where they were sitting inside I handed them a survey and they did it because they said "We will do it because you are so nice". I laughed and thanked them and while they were filling it out we got to talking and they told me how they walked up and down Longbay beach, everyday, and the trash they saw lying around. Bottles, cans, a boat railing (which he dragged from on the beach to the trash) and other garbage. They also told me how they took to carrying a shopping bag to pick up as they went along. I was so embarrassed to hear that they had to do that on their vacation here. I told them that we were trying to change that for the better with our surveys. When they finished the survey I went to the next person and as I stood in front of them I realized I did not tell them thank you. So I went right back over and said "thank you very much for what you did, cleaning up our beach". They said it was not any trouble at all and that they loved everything about the island and they wish that we would do something about keeping the beaches clean. Then the guy suggested we put a trash can every thirty feet or so, that when locals and tourists go to the beach to have a picnic or a party or whatever that they have somewhere to throw the trashes that is close by. I really thought on that and I believe that what they said hold some merit. 

We live in a day in age when a garbage reciprocal isn't close for some people or even right in front of us we throw in on the ground and that has become a common practice everywhere! Not only here. But if we realize that this country strives on mainly tourism then we will try to keep tourism flowing. Yes, they do come here, but how do we keep them here. They come here for the beautiful island, our food (which some now shove out the restaurants with hardly any taste and overly high cost) and our beaches (which some hotels misinform the tourist so they would not leave the grounds and visit local attractions but instead to spend money in there vicinity). 

I said all of that so this. This is OUR country, Turks Islanders. Does not matter if you were born here or not. Which we should love, protect and NOT neglect. I know sometimes situations and circumstances make it hard to even look at this place, but we must realize that this country has potential to be something. One generation does not last forever. A new generation can come and bring fresh ideas, fresh changes and brand new starts.

If there is any business or home owners reading this listen to this idea,

Do not wait for volunteers to clean up and then when it gets dirty the next day you leave it as so. Take this task and clean the area in front of your building. Say you are the owner of IGA. If you take to making sure every bottle or can or trash is moved from the front of your establishment meeting up the road and the houses across from you make sure their property does the same thing meeting up to the road, then that just leaves the road itself to be kept clean. Now the government. If you make sure that the middle point which is the road is kept clean then all three persons would have had done their part.Also, if the fines would be enforced on those that have parties at their establishment or business things would begin to change. My mother would have to clean in front of her yard every few days after persons visit an establishment across the road and park and throw trash right there. Businesses need to take responsibility for some of these things. Do not wait on the public.  That was just an example of what we all can do to help keep our area clean. If  motorist see anyone deliberately dumping trash on or alongside the road then do your part in taking pictures of the action and sending it to the police. 

Thank you guys for reading this. 

"We are beautiful by nature"

Monday, February 9, 2015

Featuring our guest: Raw B with his new hit "Deeper Than Emotions"

   Talent doesn't sleep

   Raw B- Deeper Than Emotions


Raw B, a local artist of the Turks and Caicos Islands, new hit "Deeper Than Emotions is not a starting point for him, but a new venture into bigger and better things for 2015. As the first Caribbean rapper on the hip hop site "Traps N Trunks", he is solidifying his name on a international level.
To get where you are going in life, you have to be persistent. Don't settle for those that say"No", "Check me back later","I can't right now".  For someone to even touch success they have to work,work,work. That is what our guest Raw B does everyday. Everytime I sign into my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I see post after post promoting his own work. Those that live in the Turks and Caicos know the Islands have talent, it just isn't promoted or cultured as it should be. Since February 3rd,2015, Deeper Than Emotions has gained 1087 views and rising. As a person that is always willing to takes steps to help himself, as well as others in the community, he has given himself a foothold into climbing above poverty, crime and stigma labeled to some of our young men and women today. We have a chance to help each other rise in whatever career path we take and just because it is not your passion does not mean it isn't someone else's.

Click on the link below to listen to "Deeper Than Emotions". Show your support to a local TCI artist.

If you want to be a guest of this blog just contact us here or on facebook.