Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Women Weekly" Gold Kalil:Ginger Drink

           I think I have found the answer for women everywhere or some women who are willing to try it. The other day, while shopping in the Asian Isle I saw this Ginger Drink. It was a random pick up for no reason at all but to expand my shopping list and try new foods at stores. It was a good purchase!

As many may know, I do not like to be a test guinea pig for anyone. Rather I like to use others to be my testers. I tried putting this off and succeeded in waiting two weeks to try this. I boiled some water. Read the packet and then added a little bit at a time. (Didn't make sense going overboard with the whole packet). To make matters worse I did it all without SUGAR. As women,we know that ANY sugar drink, carbonated drink, alcohol or fatty foods can make cramping much worse during that time of the month.

Although water retention might be a painful side effect for some women on their periods, water helps to lessen some of the the pain. Warm or hot water, drank or used during bath time relaxes cramp but who wants to make those almost hourly trips to the bathroom. 

I am one of many women in my family that suffers from painful periods. Some people try pill after pill and after a while even that stops working. You know how alcoholics be like "It taste just like water now"? Well that is how pills have become for me. You can't just stay in bed and hope for the best or miss out on work, school or trips.After trying the drink I could feel the drink working a few minutes after sipping. It was like a pleasant relief to my system. A WARNING (THIS DRINK IS STRONG!!) so don't just do the crazy thing and use the whole packet. Might get ginger shock. haha.

Hope this help someone out there and if you do try this drink comment below and tell me about your experience.

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