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Pepper steak

First Lady Wig

It's the First Lady. First wig review done by me. Look for more to come while I grow out my natural hair. This wig is to help me protect my hair while maintaining growth.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A day in the life......March15th

Thought I would share with you guys pics that I have taken on my excursions outside. Can you guess where I am?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New international student regulations. Helpful!!!

New regulations for international students finalized

Studying in Canada or anywhere can be costly. After researching we have found new regulations to be put in effect June 1,2014 that will allow international students to work 20-week during the school term and regularly during breaks.

For more information on this follow link below.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Featuring our guests: Upcoming visionaries, Let's INC.

The concept of Let's INC logo: The light bulb represents the power of your imagination and the ability to think of great ideas. The missing half of the light bulb represents the work and effort one has to put into creating their dreams. Bringing the logo to life is the colour green representing nurturing and growth.

About Us

Let's INC is an advising and mentoring blog site focused on helping others Imagine the possibilities, Nurture their potential and Create opportunities to realize their dream; by providing the help and guidance one needs to see their vision through. From tips for everyday living, surviving the important college years to figuring out your career path and much more: Let’s INC is committed to helping you live your best life. 

 The inspiration for Let's INC 

Let's Inc Statement:    
Let's INC has been a brainchild of mine for quite some time. I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors that have equipped me with invaluable knowledge and helped me along the way. I needed a way to pay it forward – to create a platform where the experiences and lessons that I have learned can be shared in hopes of inspiring others.

The tricky part was finding the perfect way to do this. I wanted the ideal medium that would connect with my target audience while allowing me to be vocal in the quest to help others Imagine, Nurture and Create. Today’s generation is known for its love of the internet – it is how we connect with friends, network, and digest our daily news. With this in mind, the concept of a blog was born. A blog would offer me the opportunity to share my experiences, offer sound advice and help mentor someone along the way. 

However, in order to reach as many people as possible this cannot be a sole venture. Partnering with me is a great team of lifelong friends who too realize the importance of and have benefited from great advising and a helping hand in various stages of their life. With their wide range of expertise, they can provide a different perspective on the various topics that we will cover here on this site.

We are a diverse group with so much to share. Join us as we fulfill our dream of helping others reach theirs!

Mission Statement
Let's INC will serve as a creative forum to help promote the uncensored thoughts and views of young people. 
Our goal is to help others:
 I - Imagine the possibilities that are within their reach and become positive thinkers.
N - Nurture their innate potential and ability to fearlessly take the world on and thrive 
C - Create their own opportunities to further realize their dreams

Let’s INC is volunteer based and the target audience ages range from 16 to 30.

There is an array of topics that would be covered on the website, a few are listed below.
  • ·         Cynicism
  • ·         Building self-esteem and character
  • ·         Peer pressure
  • ·         Importance of living in the moment 
  • ·         Prioritizing and Planning
  • ·         Individuality/Defining yourself
  • ·         Setting goals
  • ·         Spiritual development
  • ·         Leaders and Followers
  • ·         Succeeding in High School 
  • ·         College/University Life

Ø  Choosing the right College/University
Ø  Applying
Ø  Entrances essays
Ø  Making the most out of your college experience
Ø  Internships
  • ·         Time Management
  •  ·          Financial planning

Ø  Making a budget
Ø  Saving
Ø  Retirement plans
  • ·         Post Grad Life
  • ·         Getting a job

Ø  Resume building
Ø  Writing cover letters
Ø  Applying for a job
Ø  How to conduct a proper interview
Ø  Importance of interview follow up
  • ·         Networking
  • ·         Finding balance in life
  • ·         Failures/Second chances
  • ·         Sacrifice
  • ·         Social Media

Let’s INC Team (or as we like to call ourselves INCers)

  • ·         TeAndra Thomas
  • ·         TeAnn Thomas
  • ·         Havana Handfield
  • ·         Remi Hamilton
  • ·         Kittraina Moore
  • ·         Brianna Williams
  • ·         Natalya Muncuff
  • ·         Ruel Strachan II

     You can find them on


     Their website:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Book Review:Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, #1) by Maya Banks

 Title: Never Seduce a Scot 
Author: Maya Banks
Reviewed By: Dede
Rating: *****

My review:

Let me just say that this book was a slow build up to the main action, but what a slow burn it was! Every woman would love to have a Graeme in her life and most man would love to have a Eveline. Loyal to the end.

When I began reading this book I thought that Graeme would have been horrible to her but what a shock he was. Everyone thought that Eveline is dumb but all she really was, was deaf from a riding accident where she fell from her horse. From the very beginning Graeme respected her when no one else from his clan would. 

In the beginning his brothers found it hard to change their views but because of the courage that Eveline displayed they eventually saw that she was indeed the woman for their brother to marry.

Eveline, in the beginning was afraid to tell anyone that she is not really daft for fear that she would have to marry Ian McHugh. It is Graeme's sister who realizes this and coaxed Eveline to let Graeme know.

In the end, I thought that he would not discover where she was being hidden after she was taken by Ian but luckily he did. Graeme was portrayed throughout the book as kind of a soft bruiser of a leader but in the end the writer really showed that Graeme, although, just and kind can still deliver a death sentence to all that cross him. Overall, this book was pleasing for me to read and I would continue to read more of Maya Banks books.

My Baked Barbecue Pasta

Baked Barbecue Pasta


Coloured Spiral Pasta
Mozza-Cheddar Cheese
Original BBQ Sauce
Sweet Pepper (Red or whichever you have)
Ground Beef

3 cups cooked pasta, 1 cup barbecue sauce, 1 pack of already cooked ground beef, 2 cup mozza-cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup onions, 1/2 cup sweet pepper.....of course people who know me know I don't use any measurement but my eyes so I'm guessing how much I put there, but my eyes are 99% accurate. Also this is the basic recipe but I do experiment with dishes, so you can add whatever tastes good to you.

                                                                                                                                                              Leave uncovered in oven, on 350, to bake until golden on top or until you think it is done.
 Finish Result!!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Honor's Splendor

Title: Honor's Splendour
Author: Julie Garwood
Reviewed By: Dede
Rating: *****

I am usually not a huge fan of Historical Romance, but I found that this book has recaptured my love for books of older times. This book literally captured me from the start and I found that I could not put it aside. Madelyne, a heroine who was willing to do anything for those she loved even if she didn't have a love of her own. Duncan, a hero who was not exactly lost but was in need of someone like our heroine. I found myself feeling sorry for Duncan's sister and would have liked to hear more about her, but the next book will be read soon enough. To Duncan's family and those around him, Madelyne became somewhat of a light to them that needed to see from the dark. She was loveable, clumsy and impossibly different. I also loved how this book, although sad, had no great tragedy to befall the family. I have not read many by this author but I will be reading more of her books in the future. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Motivation for anyone that is feeling down today.

Review: Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde

My rating***** 
 "I gave this a three because the story seemed a little too short even though it was 205 pages, that came from Ruger and Sophie. The book also lacked any type of real emotion. It just seemed fast paced to me."

Spoiler Alert!

Even though Reaper's Legacy would not rate as my all time favourite, it was definitely not the worst by far. This book was about Ruger, a member of the Reapers MC who comes home to find his half-brother on the couch with some young girl at the time. It took a tone of familiarity that we see in so many biker romance lately, girl meets guy, guy is manwhore (excuse my word), girl gets with guy then leaves him and guy decides to change for girl.

Zach, Rugers half brother is the screw up of the family who is abusive to Sophie(the girl on the couch) and a deadbeat father to Noah, their son. Sophie leaves town but because of a situation with her neighbours trying to abuse her son, Ruger brings her back to his home.

 During there time back Sophia wars with herself on whether the club is a good environment for her son and decides to give it a try. But after some events she decides that it wasn't and pulls back from Ruger and the club. I tried to find some level of emotion in this book but I really could not. 

It was confusing to me that even though Sophie was so set against entering the club life she gave in so quickly. Ruger also was a little too iffy for me. He goes around calling Sophie bad names, handling her anyway he wants and although I know he is suppose to be a rough and tough biker, you can be all those things while having respect for your "sons" mother.

 Sophie decides to rid Ruger from her and her sons life after she blames him for her being kidnapped and moves out. (Not far, but still out). Another thing I had a hard time grasping was why she was really blaming him when her and her friends were to blame. Going to meet a guy over the internet without telling any of the biker guys in case things go bad, then Em goes and meet him by herself. In real life that could have been much worse, so I am glad this is fiction.

I hope that I haven't turned you from this book, it was a nice read if you love everything biker.

Later everyone!!!

Tell me how you found this book to be.

Monday, January 27, 2014

My hair journey so far.

Hair Journey So Far

Transitioned January 2011- May 2011
Big chop #1 May 2011
Relaxed November 2011
Transitioned September 2012 - October 2012
Big Chop #2 October 2012
Heat Damage August 2013
Mini Chop September 2013

I transitioned for the second time from September 2012- October 2012.  A very short period but I just got scissor happy one day after washing my hair and decided to “nip, nip”. I was shocked by how short it was.  I was not going in public like that.  So I decided to buy wigs. Whole wigs, half wigs and lace fronts.  I used a lot of products to retain moisture but I did not wash a lot. After enough growth I was able to braid my hair under wigs.  I’ve had minor hair accidents but the journey is still on going.

My Current Hair Routine:

TRESemme Natural’s conditioner
Eden Body Works all natural cleansing co-wash

Deep Cleansing:
Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoo

Pantene 2-minute deep conditioner
Eden Body works leave in conditioner

Organix Argan oil of morocco
Organix Nourishing coconut milk
African Pride olive miracle anti breakage formula
Organic Root Stimulator coconut oil
Organic Root Stimulator oil moisturizing hair lotion



Hey guys! Dee here.

Isn't he fine?? #MCM (Man Crush Monday)

Hair with Dee

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Journal:Life as a broke student,trying to succeed...does it really get better.

       In primary school, my 6th grade teacher asked us in passing "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Of course, me being the jokester that I was at the time, I said "A basketball player". You did not want to be me when everyone saw that. I do have the height and I love the sport for fun but that is not a career I saw myself doing long term. The last year of primary school was the best of my life. My sis and I moved to the same island my mom was on. Met my our best friend Petina and we become a "circle" of three.haha

Skipping over that little lulu in my life, we ended up in a public high school in Provo and to tell you the truth, it wasn't exactly my best five years but I wouldn't change those years for anything. My mom put to my sister and I this simple question "Do you want to go to public or private school?" To some that would have been a hard question but to me that was a question where I looked at my mom like 'Are you serious, I can get a education in any environment you put me in'. Things back then was so tight, living with a single parent who had 4 children to take care of. My older brother didn't actually count because he was on his own by then(My stinky butt, cool, oldest brother Levy who talks a lot of crap when he is on a roll). Public schools get a lot of bad rap in most countries but my I lived on this motto. "It isn't the school you are in, it is what you do there that describes your time there."  I started my first year of school kind of slow with my school work, but one good thumping from my mom got me back there. lol. (Just joking). It was the fact that I was disappointing her while she was trying so hard that made me decide within myself to try harder. My grades weren't always consistent but by year 3 I was hitting a steady achievable grade for myself. My high school years hit a lot of high and low notes but the really lowering one was my trouble with learning. No one knew this except for my sister Dee.(That why she hits me or ask me at different intervals if I am paying attention to the teacher) Most teachers would find it difficult to keep my attention in class and in class readings. I did not have any reading problems but I found myself not actually holding onto thing I had just read. The really saving turning point in High School was when I entered my Social Studies class and met my teacher Ms.Shaw. She was able to catch my attention by actual interaction with the class which in turn was also a interaction to me. She would constantly talk and talk but not in a drone way that kept me fading out but in a way that pins the words to a student ears. By the end of that class, I ended up with a 1. 

 I met a boat load of people there and some that I still keep in touch with. 

When I graduated High School I wanted to go abroad to attend Culinary School, which some of my friends already know, but things could not be so. I ping ponged around College with doing a degree that I didn't even want and it was trying for me. Creativity is what I do and my sister reinstates that fact by calling me MacGyver. haha. A name I have taken too. Of course my family has nicknamed her Crimson after "The Fairy Odd Parents".  

Back to what I was saying! I had lost interest in college but my mom wanted me to finish school and then work. Only thing that was going through my mind was "I need to make money to follow my dreams". Let me just say that I do not regret what she said because I love here with all my heart and I understand the fact that she wanted me not to fall by the wayside from one job to another and not having a degree to fall on. I spent 2 years at college and amounted to my name 60 credits. I did not attend graduation or even ask about it because I was looking ahead to my next two years and also I could not afford to even pay for it. 

My sister and I tracked our way to Florida and let me tell you!! It was not a easy time. We tried school after school. My sister at nursing schools and me at Culinary Arts. We tried avenue after avenue. My mom wasn't there.It was just my sister and I. No family help, other than my mom. I was scared, I was adventurous but I was also learning about life. Every school we went to was either to high costing or they told us we had to many technical subjects. I was like "You got to be joking!!". haha. One lady even suggested to my mom on a visit that she should marry and then get us straight. I was contemplating violence at that point. I know people have to do what they have to do but if my mom decides to get marry again, one day, it will be for love and it will be centered around God in our family. You marry her, you marry the family.lol.  

Some people would say, what about scholarships. Baby doll! let me tell you, we tried that route. People try to have a morale that varies on different things but I grew up with a view of being honest with others people that comes across me in their lives, being legitimate to myself and to others and doing what would have me looking back with a clear conscience.

In 2010 or was it 2011? we moved back home and were trying to figure out what path to take. I wanted to give up so bad and just close of to the world and for the first few months I did. But my mom put that drive back in me by telling me to search and search and we did just that. We sat down one day and typed in "Cheapest schools in the world". haha. True tale. China was our first hit and I turned to my sis and asked "How fast do you think we could learn Chinese?". She was like "Not too fast, we're still trying to learn Spanish." 

We found Memorial University of Newfoundland and even though it didn't have the degree in what I wanted to do, which is Culinary Arts, I used my Business Administration credits and what do you know? We got accepted. We jumped for joy, did some Rocky fist pumps and then set back down. Everything from then seemed to be going well until it was time for our medical and we found out my sis had to go in the hospital for surgery.(I want to thank Dr.Menzie for actually catching onto something and referring us to Dr.Perry) At that point I wanted to cry. My twin, my best friend, my confidant was to have surgery. We felt that blow to our dreams like a brick. We questioned God many times, Why can't we just catch a break? Why can't we be like some people, why did Sailor Moon come of Tv(lol), why don't we have a dad that they could turn to for help, why can't we be rich(I threw that one in there but I am happy with a normal life.lol) why can't we just catch a flipping break at least once in our lives? People please don't do like uwe did and question God. Sometimes you may find a deep hole but the hole isn't always a deep as many others. Don't let it reach that far.

When we ended up in Dr.Perry office. The first thing I asked was "How soon can you get her up and out?"  Because the deadline was ticking and that was our chance. They told us that she might not be able to take the surgery now. Of course, people who know me know that I am a persuader, I stated my case like Tom Cruise in 'A Few Good Men", and thank God she heard our plea.

I was scared for my sister, my mom was scared and I knew my sister was too. Surgery was something neither of us had ever done. My mom took days off and spent every tiring day there, even waiting out those surgery doors. My aunt Sis even waited with her. (A thank you to her)

I would like to also thank the hospital staff because I spent every day from sun up to sun down sitting by my sister bedside, in that small chair (Im 5'11), in that cold A/C (I had only a small coat) just watching her when she was sleeping and encouraging her to get up soon, because we still have dreams to see to and goals to accomplish. I literally didn't even move one step out of that room other than to get my sis whatever she needed or wanted, a). because I didn't want to disturb the other patients in the other rooms and b) I know they were doing us a big favour. I even ate the hospital food. haha. It is actually good.

When she left there, we were back on track. We got our student Visa, Dee was recovering good, and then we left for our very first time ever entering Canada. We had never even stepped a toenail inside of Canada and there we went like 'Little House on the Prairie' children prancing through the big bad world on our mother dime.

Here we go in Business again, this time passing every course (Math caught me up. I always need help on that one), me trying to keep my attention from drifting off in big classes, getting lost on buses, standing on uncovered sidewalks waiting for the bus in the snow. (I actual like the snow, not the ice slippery sidewalks)

Year one passes, Year two comes but what do you know. Back to square one. Money. How am I going to survive when prices are rising? When money is getting tight and planning has to be put into action, where do I begin with that action? I can tell you that the life of a student isn't easy one bit. Whoever said life was easy anyway! If you know who, send me a comment on the person and I will check see if they are lying. I don't, and never expected life to be easy because what is life without tales of overcoming? Where do you think life movies and self help books come from? Life experiences. Everything we are is a factor of how we go through life.

Money that my mom works for goes into food and bills. That is it. That is all I want it to be right now. I don't want to max out her and our resources on meaningless things. I do whatever it is to save and sometimes missing meals, not buying the stuff you need, etc can derail you but that is something I have been willing to do while I decide what changes are to be made in 2014...

So today after sharing what my student life is, I have decided to not give up on my dreams and goals but to succeed in them. During the summer I might make the decision to return home and try online schooling. I am not looking to have handouts or to weigh on anyones shoulders. I am looking to be a better me in 2015.I am looking to do what I said I was going to do in High School and I am marking that date of completion as 2016. I might even decide to make blogging a small part of my sis and I lives and getting IslandGurlz3900 out as a household name. Why 'IslandGurlz3900' people may ask? Dee thought of it and I said "sure, whatever you choose." Lol. So ask her.

Last words to you.

Don't let life be the deciding factor in what can and cannot be done. Don't sit back and expect other people to take over the steering wheel of your car. Sometimes we may dent our cars, get cracks in the windshields and God forbid wreck it. But those events do not decide how you will remember it.

Quote that I remember everytime I get discouraged.

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

D.H Lawrence

                                               A photo taken by Dede

Craving a sweet and sour dish?? Well, look right in your cabinets.

             For certain people in the Turks and Caicos, that love to go to Chinese restaurants when they are away but can't seem to find a really good one while back at home or it is too expensive. Why go out and spend that extra money when you can find all your sauce ingredients right at home? and if not, the cost of a bottle of soy sauce can go a long way in your dishes.

All you need for your sweet and sour sauce is 6 simple ingredients found in your cabinets and stores. Sugar, white vinegar, water, soy sauce, ketchup and flour, and you are done.



3/4 cup white sugar
1/3 cup white vinegar
2/3 cup water
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon ketchup
2 tablespoons flour

Add all 6 ingredients at the seem time on medium heat and keep stirring. Let it thicken up.

This sauce is great to add with meat and veggies over a dish of white rice. Don't break the bank eating out everyday.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Featuring our guests: Local Turks and Caicos rap group BLOODMONEY.

Our very first guest at IslandGurlz3900!!!

          BlOODMONEY is a up and coming local rap music group, that makes music most can relate to and have been performing shows and events in the island of Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos Islands for a few years now. The group consist of Raw B and Bob( The original founders of the group), also Daniel Turner the newly signed artist mogul of the rap group. "Our aim is to make music that our fans want to hear and to be widely recognized in the Caribbean as a Rap group."

Some featured songs are:

You can find them on:

Twitter:        https://twitter.com/realraw_b

Check them out and see what the up and comers have to offer you in the TCI!!!

25 Questions Tag: Facts about me! (Deedee)

Found this tag online!!
What is your middle name?: Shir......something
What was favourite subject at school?: Art and Business. Funny thing is I never payed attention in High School business but I love my University Business classes.
What is your favourite drink?: (Wince) Kool-Aid
What is your favourite song at the moment?: I can’t stop listening to The very best album of Michael Bolton on Youtube.
My mom probably should have pulled me back from the Tv when I was younger. I only love everything 90's.

What is your favourite food?: Cheesecake with strawberry sauce on top… my closest friends knows I'm not suppose to be eating that.
What is the last thing you bought?: A bottle of Coke. Sometimes I need a shot of caffeine to keep myself from fainting.  
Favourite book of all time?: This is a hard question. I am on goodread and I have read books consistently since High School. I like the Shelly Laurenston series.
Favourite Colour?: Pale Yellow. I liked the Yellow power ranger and that colour sticked from childhood. My sis liked the Pink. POWER RANGERS!!
Do you have any pets?: No. I tell anyone who ask that question. I love dogs and I would like one but not before I find a crazy guy, to take care of scooping up the POOP! I am sorry. My stomach can't take it.
Favourite Perfume?: I worked at perfum/jewelry store  last summer and I got littered with perfume smells. My all time favourite is White Diamond because of my mom. But one I would really like to know the name of is a Dark pinkish/purple and black ovalish bottle with a circle top with a black tassel on it. I loved that scent growing up. My mother always had it but she can't remember the name when I ask her. Someone let me know if you know what I am talking about.
Favourite Holiday?: Anywhere that the family goes.
Are you married?: Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, many times.
Do you speak any other language?: No
How many siblings do you have?: One sister and three brothers
What is your favourite shop?: Don't know
Favourite restaurant?: Red Lobster is our tradition.
When was the last time you cried?: When I thought I losted my charm my mom gave me years back. Found it. 
Favourite Blog?: I like food blogs.....
Favourite Movie?: Lord Of The Rings(Fellowship), The Rock
Favourite TV show?: none
PC or Mac?: only have pc
What phone do you have?: Blackberry
How tall are you?: 5ft 11
Can you cook?: Yes. That is my  specialty. I hope to take it seriously one day.