Friday, October 2, 2015

'Why You Gotta Stress' winter soup by Dede

For those that know me, you know that I love to experiment in the kitchen. For those that don't, then you will soon learn.

I call this one my 'Why You Gotta Stress' winter stew. Why? Because, it was cold as all get out, in Canada.

How it all started? (You may be asking me) At first this was a beef stew that I put with rice. I then added water the next day and made it into soup. Next thing I knew, it was a week later and I tried it again. This time I started it as a soup, but with what I had on hand, which was Swedish MEATBALLS!

Best of all, this is a ONE POT MEAL!!

There are two versions of this stew/soup, but this is the meatball version. To make the stew beef version just add stewed beef that has been browned before adding to the pot.


2 canned stewed tomatoes 795ml (For those that know how to make it. Power to you!!. I tried and it tasted like plain,watered tomatoes)
1/2 box Gemilli pasta or any type of short pasta 500g (wheat pasta works fine also)
1/2 jar of Classico Roasted Portobello Mushroom 650ml
Salt and pepper to taste (A lot of people are taking salt out of their diets, so add seasoning a little at a time and taste, taste, taste) Please don't over season. I also add a little garlic.
10 palm sized Meatballs (you can cheat with store bought Italian meatballs)
1 carrot (chopped, diced, whichever)
1/4 head of Cabbage (chopped)
1 cup of Spinach
3 cans of Dark Red Kidney Beans 15.5 oz (I love it in this soup but you can just add one or two cans. Drained)
2 cup of water

All ingredients can be added at the same time in the beginning, excluding pasta and spinach. Pasta and spinach should be added the last 10-15 minutes of cooking time.
Bring pot to a boil and then let simmer on low for 45mins-1hour.
When using stewed beef I let simmer for 1hour 30mins-1hour 45mins


Recipe by Dede

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