Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is she your type? Personality wise?

****Before you read this. Remember that this is just me saying what I think. You may agree or you may not. Just don't catch any feelings while I am saying this****

Types of women?

Not all girls come with the the label. 'I'M THE SHIT'. A girl with low self-esteem needs constantly. She's the type that would let you treat her anyway. She needs reassurance that she's important in your life. You have to tell her that constantly. She falls off easily. Maybe because she's just that way or maybe because of her experiences in the pass that made her that way. Don't get me wrong. Some guys really like that. Having to play the hero all the time knowing that she would be down for you in whatever she does. She needs that 11pm call at night just to say 'baby i love you'. Yep. She loves you. Then there are guys that don't really go for that. He needs a woman that doesn't need that constant. 'I love you'. He expects you to already know that. He isn't the type to be texting you every minute on the hour just to see how your doing. He expects you to be his rider. Some girls let the opinions of others influence their thoughts. They play mind games with themselves all day wondering if your going to be together forever.

Some girls have such a big ego that a ten foot ladder couldn't touch her even if it tried. She's a boss. She walks like one, talks like one, wants to be treated as one, she acts like one, and in her mind she is one. She gets stuff done plain and simple. She's isn't the type to wait for you to tell her when to move and how to move. This can hinder her or help her. Either way. Egos are tricky things. Your ego can be so big that people around you are non-factors. She probably has all the boss songs on her song playlist..haha..Just kidding..maybe. When she dresses she expects heads to turn with the outfit alone. When she enters a room she expects to get the best. Who can really blame her? Women are meant to be treat like royalty. I know some guys are like 'Whattttt. Not all of them'. But, as the saying goes treat others like how you would want to be treated. No matter how it eats you up inside.

This girl has her own. She has her ducks in a row. Her future is probably already laid out in front of her and your just and addition to it. Are you willing to help build her or tear her down? Some guys are really threatened by there girls success. Especially if his friends are bragging on him about his girls paying for some of the things she got for him. But, think about this. What if your girl wants to do those things? What if she likes outfitting her guy making sure if she can afford it she can have him looking top line. Her girls will be bragging about how good her man looks. Isn't that a obvious factor that might play in. Being independent and at a certain status isn't always a bad thing.

Ratched- " I use this term really really sparingly'
First of let me say ' I am not calling you ratched'. Just saying that some people personality are. (I am confusing myself). Anyways, a ratchet girl (guys too) just don't have behavior. She LIVES for drama. She can't stand a minute without it. Constantly moaning over everything morning, noon and every God giving day. She doesn't feel peaceful with knowing that she has her man. She has to chain him. Oh yeah, some guys definitely live for that drama. I have seen it in closely many instances. But, guess what. They are the relationships that normally last. Why? Because that's normalcy for them. They fight, curse at each other and by the end of the day everything's good.

Points will be added to this but I derived main points from family and friends.

Comment at your free will. Share ideas. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Turks and Caicos Islands up and Coming Stars...

In the world today, it's 'Go big or go home'.

The Turks and Caicos Islands has a lot of talent that just need a main outlet. Gone are the days when opportunities were hard to come by and all you could do was hope that you could one day make a big break away.

You have that opportunity today. All it takes is the right amount of ambition, motivation and hardwork. Don't lay around expecting success to come to you. If it was that easy we all would be living in mansions and driving a ferrari like Adam Sandler in the movie Mr.Deeds. 

Music artists, actors, designers, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. We're a mini gold mine!!! 

Fashion Designer:

Kazz Forbes and the Saint George Fashion House (SGFH) has made its mark on the fashion wold by establishing itself in 2010 in the Turks and Caicos and continues to push the boundaries of what a Turks Islander can accomplish. He is a designer an a photographer who plays a major part in helping the community when needed.

Follow Twitter: @KazzForbes 


 Basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey, golf, boxing, etc has been really blooming lately in the TCI.  The Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union has introduced rugby to the youth of South Caicos, with 16 Providenciales-based rugby players being sent to South Caicos recently to introduce the sport and to hopefully, future players.There is no excuse why the youths and adults alike in the TCI cannot find a sport or extra curricular activity of their choice to participate in.

 Delano Williams of the Turks and Caicos Islands has accomplished a large feat coming from the island of the Grand Turk to compete internationally in Track and Field with other athletes around the world. He is a determined young man. But we cannot

Turks and Caicos Islands Amateur Athletic Association (TCIAAA) records in athletics holds Delano Williams in the 100m at 10.34 (+1.8 m/s) and 200m 20.53.

Music Artists:

There are alot of music artist in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Too many to mention them all but we do have a good variety. Gospel, rap, rnb, etc. Some are local and international performers and some are upcoming.


Qband lynkz is a diverse band was formed in 2010 by a group of young talent individuals that hails for the settlement of Kew North Caicos. The name Qband lynkz was derived by the common fact that the group members originated from Kew, North Caicos and we all came together to form a band that plays a diversity of music, hence the name. With in the band we have a wide range of experience being that few of the band members have been in great bands before. The main aim of the Qband lynkz band is to simply play a range of music that addresses to all ages. Follow on facebook......

RAW B and Team BloodMoney
Follow Twitter:  @REALRAW_B 
Facebook:  the offical page of RAW B




"This is a movement that is currently up and rising. Our main focus is to express our thoughts and feeling by the mean of music. We also seek to show the positive side of rap and hip hop which well in some way help reduce the massive violence in T.I..."

 R.I.P Zoe Boi

Chilla Jr and CORNA HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT @Chilla_Jr @PhameDolla

 "There really is no way to describe exactly what CornaTV is. It was created when SilverBlue Promo and Corna House Entertainment realized that there is not enough content online focusing on the Caribbean with mainstream appeal. The entertainment industry in the Caribbean has evolved and it’s time that THE MAINSTREAM TAKE NOTICE….
CornaTV is going to take you behind the scenes of some of the hottest events in the Turks and Caicos islands and the surrounding region as well as behind the scenes at PARTIES, MUSIC VIDEOS, STUDIO SESSIONS, and MUCH MORE with Corna House Entertainment and other recording artists through the region and aboard.
With of team of industry professional with years of experience under their belt, CornaTV is ready to reshape the term ENTERTAINMENT in the Caribbean. The motto for CornaTV is “No Brakes” because we don’t have any plans on slowing down. Believe us when we say, this is only the BEGINNING...…"

Follow Mike Dizzo on twitter @MIKEDIZZOMUSIC
Mike Dizzo Website:

 "Mike Dizzo; Music Artist and President of Souse House Entertainment has been holding it down in the Turks and Caicos Islands this Summer.

August 5th 2011, Mike Dizzo's performance at SwagFest which highlighted international recording artist Ice 'Billionnaire' Berg and Ballgrezy - came right after his full-energy hyped July 9th 2011, performance at Digicel TCI's 5th Anniversary Fun Day and Fashion Show.

Doing what he does best; along with his music brother Orane of Blakout Entertainment, they both rocked the Digicel TCI show in black Tee's of Saint George Fashion House (SGFH)......."

Swagg and 7FiguresEnt. 

"Upcoming Rapper. Sign With SevenFiguresEnt (Underground Label)" 

Follow Swagg on Twitter @swagg649



CEO "Jr" Gaston Henriquez, Management Team- "Solo" Solomon Belizaire // "Da Doc" Quincy Parker 

"7Figures Entertainment started in 2006-2007. Rappers Swagg, Polo, Keam, Kylon, Gdb, and Pusha."

Follow the team on twitter:

Whaboy Da Rapper 
Twitter: @Whaboy649

"Keury M Smith was born September 5, 1990 better known by his stage name Whaboy, started his early years in Herrera City Santo Domingo, later on he moved to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands where he was raised by his loving mother. At the age of 8 he started noticing that music was everywhere around him, by the time he reached grade 6 his rapping career begun when he first performed at his graduation his motivation sparked by the crowds reaction. Ever since he decided to put together a studio in his room at that time all he had was a lap top, a mic and some speakers and with his passion for rapping he continues to grow up to today. This dream holds a mission for Whaboy he is currently the President of Public Figure Presentation which has been projected to be a music empire of the Turks & Caicos Islands. He has cultivated audiences of all ages with his soul-inspired and energy-hyped performances......"

 Kylon and 7FiguresEnt

Follow on Twitter: @kylon649
Facebook: Kylon Cherenfant


"Rapper, Song Writer, Music Video Director & Editor, Promoter of Good Music...Just Wanna Be Successful, Mr. Name It, I Go Do It aka DARE-DEVIL"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can you survive in that ‘Just friends but want to be more game?'

Do you want to be a friend or more as in, their boyfriend or girlfriend?

Sometimes we have a lot of people that get stuck in the 'friendship zone' and they want it to be more. They wonder to themselves 'how did I get here?' You thought all along that you were making good progress and that you were finally swaying the vote in your favor. Your window of opportunity has probably closed for good.

It’s all about strategy.
 Ask yourself if it’s worth it.
 Can you wait around as the friend for days, months or years? Your chances are getting smaller every single day!
Why? You may ask me. 
Well I’m going to say, because that person has finally hit this wall where they either think ‘ You’re the one that has been in the front of them the hold time’, ‘ We can live comfortable because I already know  your personality, so I can grow to maybe love you’ or ‘ I can’t find better’.
Do you want to actually live through the wondering? Well, let me tell you something.
NOT ME!!! 
Say to yourself ‘I can at least try to do better.’
I’m not telling you what to do I’m just throwing this thought out there to you. Take the bait or just keep swimming.
In your eyes that person might be pretty special that you can say to yourself ‘I’m going go all or nothing’. If I’m wrong take that chance.

Do you stick around just to watch that person date someone else while you stand by hoping that they break up so you can have your chance. 
You might play it both ways and have an open relationship or a relationship on the side (I’m laughing while typing this line.)Your saying “who me?”, “Yeah you!” where you just let the person know what time it is and that it’s not a permanent thing.
But do you really want to have all that drama and break someone else heart. Come on! Don’t be that mean.
Then you would be a walking ‘heartbreaker’.

When you get what you want…
After you’ve gotten what you wanted can your friendship survive a reversal back to what it was if you’re finally together. Can you keep that together and act like it never was or nothing ever happen. It takes a lot of guts to even break beyond that friendship barrier in the first place. So what’s your mindset now?
Can you laugh, go to the movies, share a soda without what was on your mind?
Can you go to her mom house all hours of the night and her mom not having to wonder what you’re doing because as far as she knows you're ‘just friends.’
 Who side should your friends pick since there is no ‘us’ anymore. Would you get mad if they chose the other side like Star Wars.  Are you the dark side?  Lol. ‘Come over to the dark side. We have cookies.’

"I love you just because...."

I can love you in different ways.

      There's so many ways to show someone that you love them. 
I'm not talking just physical love of the body. I'm talking about the all around kind of love of yourself, and others. Whether it be your family, your soul mate or even if it's just your friend.

Have you ever just said "I love you" just because you wanted to. No, not the meaningless 'I love you' that you fling out aimlessly without thought. I'm talking about the 'I love you' that you just couldn't contain anymore and you just had to let that person know, just because. 

Oh, the days of the past where love was all you needed to put a smile on someones face.

Has your love turned materialistic?
Has it lost its value already?

Let me put this to you.

Wake up 'one of these days', look at a person you really love and say 'I love you'. Don't do it because your looking for a 'I love you' in return. Do it because its what your feeling at the moment.
If you haven't talked to your mom or dad in ages just call them up and say 'I just called to say I love you', Stevie Wonder said it best. Remember your heart feels your reward even if its not seen.

Can Valentines come and go without a materialistic gift? How about your birthday?

Oh, I know your reading this and your just smiling in your heart. Wonder why I'm talking so much 'craziness'. But wait, just continue reading folks.

Honestly ladies. Can your husband/boyfriend walk through the front door with just a smile on his face, his pearly whites showing, an a empty hand swinging acting like he 'the gals dem suga'. Oh no, that's a sure way to piss you off.

Guys, I'm not telling you to be cheap. Sometimes visual presentation of love to your woman carries you a long, long, long way.

I'm basically saying is do something nice out of the blue. Don't wait for a calender date to tell you when to show love. Show it all the time. Let your actions speak for you.

When is it to soon to change you facebook relationship status?

A lot of my friends be griping on this subject. Well to me it doesn’t really matter what you do with your facebook but to make some people happy I’ll touch the subject and give a few likes and dislikes some people have about it.
If your facebook relationship status is either in a relationship, complicated, in an open relationship or married. Well!!! This is mostly for you.
Why do you have to change your relationship status ever 5 minutes. Why can’t we just leave it at nothing? Are you advertising, do you want to rub it in someone elses face? or do you want to show your claim to let others no ‘Fall Back’.
I can honestly accuse myself of doing it. So I guess I count too. Ha! It would take a sure thing for me to ever change it again though. But back to what I was saying.
1.TOO MANY PICS TO REMOVEYou put up like 50 pics of you and your other half and when you break up it disappears. When or if you do get back together how do you find all them pics you deleted. Cause I’m sure you already erased it from everywhere else. Your phone, email, computer files, damn you probably already blocked that person of your msn messenger. So, how do you find back them pictures? 
That’ s like a rule in the player book manual. Why put ‘in a relationship with…’ when it can just be ‘in a relationship’. Know why? You can keep all the girls hanging, thinking it’s them your talking about. It keeps you safe and it also gives you props from your girl because she thinks it her. Win-Win.
That’s just another way to say ‘Hang on a change might be coming’ could date anyone and not have to hide it. Hey! You other people don’t get mad because if he/she is doing it.You can do it too!!!
Single status is the best way to go. It gives an open door to people to let them know that they can try but you know what? You also have the choice of saying Yes or Helllll No. You have that option. Your status is not saying in a relationship so its not like you creeping on anyone. When your facebook status has in a relationship or something around those lines people be trying to play you and send fake hollas at you just to go back an squeal. You adding me just to search me out and talk. Know what that makes you a hater. 
Scope out them pictures good because if you don’t actually see a ring on it, THEY’RE NOT ACTUALLY MARRIED!!! Don’t let the married status fool you. Facebook these days full of people that just got in a relationship,been checking each other for months or just friends and they got up married. Really??? When was the wedding?, Why wasn’t I invited?, where’s the pictures??? So when you go back to single does that mean that you just finalize your divorce??? 

Searching his phone. (Not a diss to woman)

This is not a diss to any woman anywhere. Its just talks about why woman search through their guy phone.
Anyway you try to put it, it all boils down to trust in your relationship, yourself and your guy!!
Ladies you must know some guys actually leave their phone laying around to see what your going to do.He’s testing you. I’m not saying all guys do because most of the time it might be that he forget where he put it. You sweep it up, scroll through it searching for something that’s probably not there or that you may not like. You read his texts you memorize how much calls he received from a number and you sit there and you stew over what you see.
You know what that does? It puts more questions than before in your head about who he’s calling and why he’s texting other girls.Sometimes searching may not be a bad thing because you find out more about your guy than you knew before. He could be telling you that ‘Your the only one’ or ‘I love you’ but you find out that he’s telling Ashley or Jenny the same thing.
Should you get angry at him over something that your not even suppose to see?You ask yourself ‘how should I approach the matter?’ 
That right there is a million dollar question. Should your or should you not approach your boyfriend on something you saw while snooping?
This exposes you to the question of ‘Why were you searching through my phone?’ Now the cats out the bag and you seem like the distrustful girlfriend.
But despite your snooping you found out exactly what he’s up to when your not around.
Hurtful?   I know!!!
But hey if your like some other women you don’t care what he thinks because at far as you know he’s your boyfriend and you can search his phone whenever you feel like it. 
You handle the problem right there. Straight Up!!

After searching through his phone you call or text back his numbers to see the responses or to blow up on the trick??(Lol. No not really. I meant to say the other girl) so back to what I was saying or to blow up on the other girl and you expecting her to just lie down and take the rant you just started on. But wait, she goes and bust your bubble and throws you off your rant and says ” Wait hoe. Who do you think you are?” You be going back and forward with this argument calling each others hoes, bitches, tramps, etc but wait. Where’s the guy in this whole argument? Why he isn’t there taking sides. 
You want to know why???
You got a street guy. He probably already told you from the beginning that, that is how he was, is and will be till the end but you still want to get mad when he has other women he’s talking to while still talking to you.
Same way that he can find his preference in women then you can find a guy that only dates one woman. All good guys are not dead just try a little harder.

Also a wrench in your gear. Before its his sister, aunt, cousin he’s texting saying ’ I love you’? You just blew up on a family member and you just know that there’s going to be a call back to him telling him the