Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"I love you just because...."

I can love you in different ways.

      There's so many ways to show someone that you love them. 
I'm not talking just physical love of the body. I'm talking about the all around kind of love of yourself, and others. Whether it be your family, your soul mate or even if it's just your friend.

Have you ever just said "I love you" just because you wanted to. No, not the meaningless 'I love you' that you fling out aimlessly without thought. I'm talking about the 'I love you' that you just couldn't contain anymore and you just had to let that person know, just because. 

Oh, the days of the past where love was all you needed to put a smile on someones face.

Has your love turned materialistic?
Has it lost its value already?

Let me put this to you.

Wake up 'one of these days', look at a person you really love and say 'I love you'. Don't do it because your looking for a 'I love you' in return. Do it because its what your feeling at the moment.
If you haven't talked to your mom or dad in ages just call them up and say 'I just called to say I love you', Stevie Wonder said it best. Remember your heart feels your reward even if its not seen.

Can Valentines come and go without a materialistic gift? How about your birthday?

Oh, I know your reading this and your just smiling in your heart. Wonder why I'm talking so much 'craziness'. But wait, just continue reading folks.

Honestly ladies. Can your husband/boyfriend walk through the front door with just a smile on his face, his pearly whites showing, an a empty hand swinging acting like he 'the gals dem suga'. Oh no, that's a sure way to piss you off.

Guys, I'm not telling you to be cheap. Sometimes visual presentation of love to your woman carries you a long, long, long way.

I'm basically saying is do something nice out of the blue. Don't wait for a calender date to tell you when to show love. Show it all the time. Let your actions speak for you.