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Welcome to IslandGurlz3900!  I am Deedee and my blog partner is Dee, my wonderful twin sister. This is a blog where I share about our lives as students, blogging on the web, reading and reviewing fiction books, cooking, sharing recipes, exposing culture and life in the Turks and Caicos Islands, women health notes and relationship topics. We try to write about the everyday ups and downs that benefits everyone that visits our page. Natural hair posts will be done by sister Dee.

This blog was initially started by me after I realized that I had no real outlet to voice my thoughts and share with my friends in a way that they could share and give feedbacks. After a difficult point in our lives in the Winter 2013 we decided to revamp our blog from a everyday blog into a blog that is meaningful to everyone that visits us here.  We have decided that 2014 is going to be our year to take risk and chances!  We hope to be a permanent fixture in your inbox, newsletter or google circle. 

We have also left a totally blank page for anyone that wants to share post about things that other visitors to this site can use to enhance their lives or bring change to the general public. Take this journey with us, we promise to handle you guys with care :)

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