Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can you survive in that ‘Just friends but want to be more game?'

Do you want to be a friend or more as in, their boyfriend or girlfriend?

Sometimes we have a lot of people that get stuck in the 'friendship zone' and they want it to be more. They wonder to themselves 'how did I get here?' You thought all along that you were making good progress and that you were finally swaying the vote in your favor. Your window of opportunity has probably closed for good.

It’s all about strategy.
 Ask yourself if it’s worth it.
 Can you wait around as the friend for days, months or years? Your chances are getting smaller every single day!
Why? You may ask me. 
Well I’m going to say, because that person has finally hit this wall where they either think ‘ You’re the one that has been in the front of them the hold time’, ‘ We can live comfortable because I already know  your personality, so I can grow to maybe love you’ or ‘ I can’t find better’.
Do you want to actually live through the wondering? Well, let me tell you something.
NOT ME!!! 
Say to yourself ‘I can at least try to do better.’
I’m not telling you what to do I’m just throwing this thought out there to you. Take the bait or just keep swimming.
In your eyes that person might be pretty special that you can say to yourself ‘I’m going go all or nothing’. If I’m wrong take that chance.

Do you stick around just to watch that person date someone else while you stand by hoping that they break up so you can have your chance. 
You might play it both ways and have an open relationship or a relationship on the side (I’m laughing while typing this line.)Your saying “who me?”, “Yeah you!” where you just let the person know what time it is and that it’s not a permanent thing.
But do you really want to have all that drama and break someone else heart. Come on! Don’t be that mean.
Then you would be a walking ‘heartbreaker’.

When you get what you want…
After you’ve gotten what you wanted can your friendship survive a reversal back to what it was if you’re finally together. Can you keep that together and act like it never was or nothing ever happen. It takes a lot of guts to even break beyond that friendship barrier in the first place. So what’s your mindset now?
Can you laugh, go to the movies, share a soda without what was on your mind?
Can you go to her mom house all hours of the night and her mom not having to wonder what you’re doing because as far as she knows you're ‘just friends.’
 Who side should your friends pick since there is no ‘us’ anymore. Would you get mad if they chose the other side like Star Wars.  Are you the dark side?  Lol. ‘Come over to the dark side. We have cookies.’

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