Friday, September 11, 2015

New 2015 hit by Young Heat and NayNay- She's a Boss with it

Rise and shine young Turks and Caicos. Today I have two new artist to the blog by the name of Young Heat and NayNay, who have released their 2015 new hit song 'She's A Boss With It'.

Recently, I asked Young Heat how this particular song came around and he said, "It all came along by me sending her the beat, then I told her just bring me a verse and I'll help her from there. She came to the studio with a verse talking about how she works hard to do what she does, like on her job, meaning her life story, hotel works, but she is not an artist like me, as yet. I already knew what to do to put it together. When I heard her verse she sounded like a boss, because she works for hers. All I did was switch it up and make it more real with man and woman lifestyle in art." Young Heat has been a long time artist to the music scene and has recorded many songs and videos.

Later I messaged NayNay to get her input on what music was to her and her thoughts when writing her verse. NayNay agreed with what Young Heat said but also added more, saying that she was really busy to even write the lyrics in the beginning. Dealing with work and her little girls(beautiful) that when she received some vacation time she had a chance to write.

To NayNay rapping is something that is just the creativity in her but says that her true passion and dreams is to attend performing arts school for singing, acting and dancing. She goes on to say that she is working hard and trying to accumulate funds to go back to school. 

It just goes to show that even if you are working a 9-5 or your dreams takes 5-9 years don't forget that you are working for your dream and never put that dream aside.

Young Heat & NayNay-  She's A Boss With It

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StillGucciUgh(NayNay) ft. Young Heat - The Come Up

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