Thursday, January 30, 2014

Honor's Splendor

Title: Honor's Splendour
Author: Julie Garwood
Reviewed By: Dede
Rating: *****

I am usually not a huge fan of Historical Romance, but I found that this book has recaptured my love for books of older times. This book literally captured me from the start and I found that I could not put it aside. Madelyne, a heroine who was willing to do anything for those she loved even if she didn't have a love of her own. Duncan, a hero who was not exactly lost but was in need of someone like our heroine. I found myself feeling sorry for Duncan's sister and would have liked to hear more about her, but the next book will be read soon enough. To Duncan's family and those around him, Madelyne became somewhat of a light to them that needed to see from the dark. She was loveable, clumsy and impossibly different. I also loved how this book, although sad, had no great tragedy to befall the family. I have not read many by this author but I will be reading more of her books in the future. 

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