Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde

My rating***** 
 "I gave this a three because the story seemed a little too short even though it was 205 pages, that came from Ruger and Sophie. The book also lacked any type of real emotion. It just seemed fast paced to me."

Spoiler Alert!

Even though Reaper's Legacy would not rate as my all time favourite, it was definitely not the worst by far. This book was about Ruger, a member of the Reapers MC who comes home to find his half-brother on the couch with some young girl at the time. It took a tone of familiarity that we see in so many biker romance lately, girl meets guy, guy is manwhore (excuse my word), girl gets with guy then leaves him and guy decides to change for girl.

Zach, Rugers half brother is the screw up of the family who is abusive to Sophie(the girl on the couch) and a deadbeat father to Noah, their son. Sophie leaves town but because of a situation with her neighbours trying to abuse her son, Ruger brings her back to his home.

 During there time back Sophia wars with herself on whether the club is a good environment for her son and decides to give it a try. But after some events she decides that it wasn't and pulls back from Ruger and the club. I tried to find some level of emotion in this book but I really could not. 

It was confusing to me that even though Sophie was so set against entering the club life she gave in so quickly. Ruger also was a little too iffy for me. He goes around calling Sophie bad names, handling her anyway he wants and although I know he is suppose to be a rough and tough biker, you can be all those things while having respect for your "sons" mother.

 Sophie decides to rid Ruger from her and her sons life after she blames him for her being kidnapped and moves out. (Not far, but still out). Another thing I had a hard time grasping was why she was really blaming him when her and her friends were to blame. Going to meet a guy over the internet without telling any of the biker guys in case things go bad, then Em goes and meet him by herself. In real life that could have been much worse, so I am glad this is fiction.

I hope that I haven't turned you from this book, it was a nice read if you love everything biker.

Later everyone!!!

Tell me how you found this book to be.

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