Saturday, January 25, 2014

Amazing Grace can't carry a tone.....sweet gramma's can.

For the purposes of this post I am reverting back to my "Kew Talk". Real English is not permitted in this post.haha.Enjoy the ride!!

I can tell you my grammy is a spritely lady with a mean lick(Some people don't believe me when I say it but I dare you to cross her). She bakes bread that could be considered illegal to the streets or leaves your heart with a unnatural beat. When you go on up to that house on the hill across from "low well' you can either see her looking out the door or walking around the yard. Not to say that she's down on her age because that lady sure can get around.I think she probably goes out more than I do. 

Whoever heard of getting a ride so someone can drive you around to visit your friends???I am exaggerating a little bit that is mostly true but she does go to the store and for drives too. I wish I had a friend like that. We would sure be balling in our old age. 

I am sure if I look around in the historic minefield of that house I spent half of my days I could find a magazine lying around somewhere that can attest to her mastery in the kitchen. Bet your grammy ain't better than mine!!

Ever had sweet potato bread, banana bread, flour bread, cassava bread, pudding so good that when she says lice the spoon, you end up licking the boil. (Not conductive to your stomach, there is raw egg their.I wish I remembered that back then.)

Best believe that my house was the envy of the block. Who doesn't want to come up and say "Hi cousin Annarine"? My grammy even let my sis and I invite my friends and classmates to watch the last episode of Sailor Moon in her kitchen. We had this one small tv and a couple of chairs around the table and people sitting on the floor. That was the saddest day of every little girl's life, I am sure. The end of Sailormoon!!

Conch Stew, Conch and Grits, Soup and dough (fat dough and skinny dough), boil up, friend chicken!!!!. I know half you guys mouth are watering and the other half is like "Diabetes galore". Clue in, I have seen foreign wrestlers eat from her, so take a back seat and continue reading about this sweet old (you wish you had her) grammy.

I love her and I am 97% sure she loves me. That 3% is for me to know and her to keep.

Sundays when you hear that Baptist bell ring (never asked who actually rings that but I sure it is one of my Forbes cousins from up the road. I will have to ask that) you know Grandaddy is right around the corner. He peeps in and says "Branville, you boys(our cousins) better be out that door behind me by the time I ready to leave".....Meanwhile, my sis and I (the only girls in the house) are praying to God grandmummy hears our inner prayer to sleep in. Who could believe that children who don't do anything but go to school and play wouldn't want to go to church. 0_o Yeah, I thought so!!

Sometimes she would answer that prayer and sometimes she would be like "You all better get yall lazy self up and make ready" [Zombie March, 1,2,3,4 hop 1,2,3,4]

My mom(who we love just as much as our grammy) and I have this argument about once a week but she believes that my grammy song isn't Amazing Grace. Maybe in her time, having to go that same march it wasn't but in my time it was. Come on, I had to sing along to that song at least every third sunday. That song got so racked and butchered until I'm sure the Lord would have told me to change the song. We murdered that. For my grammy, I sang the notes of that song like it was my last wish. Come on, she loves that song. Who wouldn't do it?

My granddaddy favourite is at At the Cross. He loves that song so much until I am sure he would sing it every Sunday before and after he preaches. Haha.

Now, try getting those two to sing that song together....My grandad sings in a more deep somber tone and my grammy is upbeat. So when he is singing "At the crossat the cross where I first saw the light, And the burden of my heart rolled away, It was there by faith I received my sight, And now I am 
happy all the...." in that slow deep tone, my grammy is in the seats speeding up the song and bopping her arm to a faster beat to speed him along. Then she would turn to me and say "This man singing to slow". Haha. Can you imagine that!! I love that part of singing hymns with them.

Now when my grammy gets to singing Amazing Grace she can do no wrong. She use to sing it to every church that she was invited too and God forbid my grandad try to mess up her song while she singing it.o_O

There are only four people I act a fool around so that they can laugh their behind off
1.My mummy. Her belly shakes when I do and she starts crying.
2My grammy. Cause she has the exact reaction as my mom.
3.My sister. Cause she is to easy to get a laugh out off.
4My grandaddy. Because I like to think of myself as his favourite girl grandchild. My cousing Vernardo thinks he got the boy spot. Haha. Plus I am still trying to work of my conscience for stealing his quarters (which I am sure he knew I took) when I was younger. Younger being still now. How would I be able to afford my Aunt Doody Icicle. Sure you might say with your own money but for some reason I spot his quarters quicker.

My aunt Doody is the Icicle Queen.They even had the white one back then!!!! She still sells them after all these years. I still buy them also. Another person that was the best at baggy icicle was (God rest the dead) Aunt Celia. I loved stopping their on my way coming from my grammy message. Island people should know what a message is. Otherwise know is you better go get what I tell you and come back quick.

If I remember right ( I am always asking the price. lol. Bad memory) 4 for a dollar. Anytime I am going to kew I never leave without 4 dollars. Got to get some for everyone else too. (I'm not low)

If we are so lucky, when we die heaven should have a special place for all the Kew All Stars people from the then and the now

((Someone from Kew, go read this to her))

 Hope you guys enjoyed!!

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God bless you guys. Have a good week!!

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