Monday, January 20, 2014

Journal:Toronto Raptors 20th January 2014

Let me say first that I do NOT hate any team in the NBA. In fact I watch each and every team and cheer for them equally.  I am a every team person, except; Patriots, Lakers and Cowboys. I am sorry but I just cannot do it! haha. Kudos to your team anyway.

I saw Amir Johnson on a flight in Toronto. (Didn't know that at the time) That guy is tall. Thought I should throw that random line in.

January 20th-Toronto Raptors are in another hole again letting the Bobcats lead them 37-18. Taking selfish shots, not sharing the ball and a lot of turnovers. I thought with the start of the season the team would feel a fire to have a very good or at least good season. It's not to late for them to close out on a high note. Jefferson is laying in with points in the paint for easy buckets and garnering easy shots from the free throw line. Maybe by the end of the second the Raptors can get back into the game because trust me the building is quiet and I know Raptors fan are shaking some heads right now. DeRozen has 16 in the first

55-36 start of the third. First few minutes of life has given Raptors life. But wait!!! Don't talk to quick the game has slowed down . Raptors are getting some good looks but the shots aren't going. First shot, second shot and even third shot opportunities are to becoming to difficult for the Raptors right now. Lets go Raptors, lets see some competition right now because the third is definitely turning down on you. Lowry and De are the only names mostly being called right now.

Toronto puts up a 13-5 run in the end of the third to pull within 18 of the Bobcats with Vasquez and Hayes doing their thing. Sleepy bench is maybe waking up. Hope it's not to late. Raptors is getting back into it in the third with the lead cut down to 84-74 with 7 minutes left in the fourth. But a three by the Bobcats put the Bobcats back up with Raptors answering back with a bucket. Raptors cannot start a bucket for bucket shot with the Bobcats right now. 89-79 needs to cut down in a hurry for the Raptors to win the game.Even though I listed this is a Journal I am sure this is coming by as a commentary. haha. Vasquez is really feeling these three's right now. 91-86 under three minutes to go and Raptors got a turnover to cut the lead 91-88. Do you think they can really do it right now?

Well folks, NO THEY COULDN'T. Good game in the end though but it just was to big a lead the Bobcats had......

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