Friday, January 24, 2014

Review:The Main Event by Shelly Laurenston

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First let me say that I have read every book in this series and the Magnus Pack series and I am itching for the 2014 release of 'Bite Me'. 

'The Mane Event' starts of with Mason ''Mace'' Llewellyn, a lion shift of the Llewellyn Pride who is home for good after finishing up time in the Navy. His best  is Bobby Ray ''Smitty'' Smith who is his best friend and served with him in the Navy. Brendon Shaw (the top breeding male of the Llewellyn Pride) who gets his own book next comes to pick him up from the airport and informs him of the death of a breeding male from the Llewellyn Pride. Mace isn't really interested in the details surrounding the case until he reaches home to the pack house and finds his one time friend Desiree "Dez" MacDermot. After more than 20 years its hard for Dez to believe how epically sexy Mace is now. haha. Mace sister Marisssa never liked Dez because of her lower class and the feeling is mutual but I loved how Dez choose her moments to get under Marissa skin. At times Dez could be sweet, especially when she reached up and ran her hand over his brow like she use to do when they were younger. Book one was kind of a mini introduction into most of the characters that will show up in later books.

Mace and Smitty set about discussing starting his own pack and opening up their own security business. Shelly Laurenston was really creative in how the main characters were not over shadowed by the other characters but still they had their own roll in the book. Dez gets poison by one of the sisters in the Brutale family but we later come to find out that she and the Doogans were the one to kill the male breeder so I was sincerely happy when she got hers in the end. Sounds cruel? Mace and Dez relationship progressed nicely throughout except for the moment when she accused Mace of murder. Did you guys get that??? We meet some of the Smith Pack, Crush, Llewelyn Pack, Dez friends(who I wish would have their own book) and some other lay away characters.

Dez family sisters are the best. They go two to two with Mace sisters. Girl fight!! haha. In the end Shaw is taken while trying to find his brother Mitch and Dez is taken when she follows a small shifter child. (Big mistake, they are viscous). Dez kills the Brutale sister and escapes but rescues Shaw at the same time and are cornered off but gets away after pointing fingers at the Doogans for the breeder murder. The Smith packs comes in and steer them out and what do you know. Happy Endinggggg. But wait! We see a Shaw story coming. For about half a second I thought it was Sissy Mae but behold it was Ronnie.

I swear I skipped straight through this Review of 'The Mane Event' but I am reading the whole series over so its a exciting rush to write this so I can get back to it.

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